We have come to tell a story, an ancient story.

At first, it appears to be shrouded in mystery, and yet somehow you remember this tale, deep within the spirals of time…you remember…

Long ago we would all gather as a tribe to call forth an experience of the divine on this physical plane. Today, in the awakening of this sacred art of evocation, we have come to gather again to remember and express our connection to source as we breathe these ancient archetypes to life before your eyes. Read more >>

May I present to you Evokation Sacred Art.

“I was transfixed. I didn’t feel like I was watching a “performer” or “dancer”. This transcended those titles completely and had me engaged in a sacred energy transmission. Where a performance can feel rehearsed and calculated, this PRAYER formance was emoted authentically in the moment.”

– M. Breno

Eve Olution

What is Evokation Sacred Art

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