What is Evokation Sacred Art?

Evokation Sacred Art is a school of Healing & Awakening through the medium of Ritual Art.

It is a guided pathway into self awareness and self actualization. We learn, practice, and offer the art of evocation as a bridge between the unseen & seen through embodied presence.
Embodied presence acts as a transmission, when amplified, invites the audience into transcendent states of consciousness.

These intentional performances are offerings of healing, awakening, and activation for both the individual and the collective.

Who is Evokation Sacred Art?

The visionary, creator & devotee of Evokation is Eve. Eve came to California at the end of 2007 and quickly found her way into the underground art scene of San Diego and Los Angeles. Fire performers, tribal belly dancers, and visual artists surrounded her with exceptional talent and changed her world forever. The inner calling to work and collaborate with these exceptional artists became a fire that fueled the passion to begin the creation that would eventually become what was once called Soulvoice Sacred Art, and now Evokation Sacred Art. The first performance proved to be a turning point for the intention and focus of every performance there after. The original vision was for this to be an entertainment performance troupe filled to the brim with visual opulence. With Eve’s background in theatre she envisioned directing solo artists into collaborative productions based in story telling to be performed for various audiences, but little did she know by making the choice to use the stories of the ancient myth and thereby evoking this energy, something much larger would emerge into reality. The undeniable spiritual and energetic experience of that first performance led to the realization of the power of ritual, myth, and ancient wisdom long forgotten & hidden in the tales of all the ancient deities. Evokation Sacred Art was born in 2009 after this unimaginable experience and has been evolving from that magickal evening ever since.

Who is Eve

Eve brings with her an extensive background in theatre which began at a very young age. Her passion has always been in classical performance as well as a focus on various art forms from cultures around the world throughout time. With extensive training in multiple genres of performance, directing, performance art, and production, her path quickly became dedicated to this art form. The inspiration of her mentors and great teachers of this field lead to her completing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Performance and shortly there after starting her own Children’s Theatre. Year’s later she found her way to the west coast and immersed herself into a thriving art community. She began traveling to art festivals up and down the coast to further explore what people were calling conscious art. With new inspiration and support of this incredible community of artisans, she quickly began creating performances that would have life changing effects for all those involved. The passion to create and serve the community in this way had become her mission and dedication. Now she travels the globe offering her service and dedication to the empowerment of all those willing to experience her work.

Eve is continually exploring transpersonal psychology, myth, folklore, metaphysical theory, performance, and the healing arts in order to embody and integrate herself completely in what she teaches and offers through her artistic expressions. As a conduit for the visions she receives, she devotes to bringing these transmissions forward with the intention of Healing, Awakening and Activation for all those who come to witness. Eve is eternally grateful for the incredible circle of women she has collaborated with and largely dedicates her inspiration to create this theatre collective to them. In gratitude, devotion, and with the love of her soul family whom dance as her living muse, she dedicates her life work to touch the souls who are ready to remember our innate connection to the infinite.

What is the Visual Message of Evokation Sacred Art Creations?

Evokation Sacred Art stands for bringing back the immortal beauty and the emergence of divinity from the SOUL, asking us to take a deep look into what Beauty is. This art absolutely wishes to dissolve sexual objectification (common throughout mainstream media in it’s depictions of the female form) with the TRUTH of seeing a female in her authentic expression in all its multi dimensional layers. We honor and hold each woman as truly beautiful not because of the appearance on a surface level but the sheer power of capturing the human essence of who she is.

Truly celebrating her uniqueness and honoring her specific beauty is the core of this work. A beauty that can not be compared or replicated by any other female, therefore she IS truly to be revered as her own sovereign expression of the divine incarnate.

Deep passion for this healing and empowerment for us All. I advocate education and intelligent awareness of how the common commercial media effects us all Men, Women, and Children. AND how Women & Men can work together to heal this in themselves and stand for the true honoring of one another. More Awareness on this very real societal illness. and YES to more authentic beauty based on the uniqueness of every Soul.