About Eve Olution

Eve Olution is an Internationally recognized Storyteller & Visionary Director who offers a unique frequency of live embodied art, anchored in mythology. With her formal training in classical theatre, Eve has alchemized traditional genres with evolving themes of archetypal symbolism that are viscerally woven throughout her Performance Art. Inside the practice of archetypal embodiment, her devotion is in intentionally aiming to evoke catharsis within these raw transmissions. After decades of wielding this unique craft, Eve breathes tangible magic with every single performance.

Eve is often seen performing live with Kalya Scintilla and MerKaBa

Praise for Eve Olution

“Eve conducts the magic in the space. I watched her fingertips channel direct lines to the heavens as she breathed in musical prayers and sent them soaring.”

–S. Keller

“I was transfixed. I didn’t feel like I was watching a “performer” or “dancer”. She transcended those titles completely and had me engaged in a sacred energy transmission. Where a performance can feel rehearsed and calculated, her PRAYER formance was emoted authentically in the moment.”

– M. Breno

“To watch you surrender to the flow, you literally became one with the music, the Creator’s marionette; I was transported into a whole new, multidimensional experience of sound, sight, feeling, and intuitive vision! I was in a blissful trance.“

– A. Amina

“Eve Olution Is making an incredible artistic connection between dance, divine feminine, music and energetic shifting! So awesome!”

–Hart Swayer & the Love Project