Sacred Feminine – 2010

Invoking the Polynesian Ocean Mother Goddess Uli in reverence of sacred sexuality. This prayerformance was inspired by an Ayahuasca vision that was given to tell the tale of what our western culture has done to disempower the sacred feminine and her life force energy or sexuality. This message unfolds as follows: the innocence springs forth like a small flower ever gently exploring in soft curiosity the infinite possibility of love, she transforms into the mesmerizing enchantress of sublime pleasure, uniting her body and heart in love, to then fully blossom into her fullest expression as the Mother of Creation, the Giver of Life. Dripping with sacred sexuality she stands before us pregnant, engorged with new life, ready to birth her creation into being. In this ritual, we re-tie the western images of the virgin, whore, and mother into one expression of Mother God; She who is the infinite power of creation in all life. We celebrate the embodiment of liberated, fully expressed sexual energy, or sacred life force energy as an expression of the Divine. And as we touch this experience living and breathing before us, we are lead to the remembrance that the sensuality of life and sexual energy in connection with heart & soul is the life giving force of the Sacred Feminine.