Sacred Worship – 2011

The Egyptian Goddess Trinity: Isis, Sehkmet, & Bast are evoked as an initiation and rite of passage. As the universal mother creator, Isis, opens her eyes she is reflected by the sun goddess, Sehkmet, and the moon goddess, Bast. The sun Goddess Sehkmet is the lion headed warrior, the mother force of destruction & healing in one, the moon Goddess Bast is the daughter of sensual pleasure & protector of children, and all three come together in a holy triad. Maiden, Mother, & Crone in her expression of the Divine Feminine as One. The act of honoring each phase of the goddess in this ritual, was created to be in devotion to the divine as the divine. As the divine recognizes itself, honors itself, worships itself, it opens a portal to the creator that emerges into our reality as a sacred frequency for all to experience…this I call Sacred Worship.