Waking Mythos – 2012

This ceremonial celebration brought forth the ancient deities of our ancestors with the loving intention to ignite the light of remembrance and together touch the power of Myth. From times as long as story danced in our imaginations there has always been the telling of the Goddess across cultures in all her forms. The inspiration for this celebration was specifically designed to allow the whole audience to connect and receive the divine feminine through the tangible experience of the elements. This created a way for everyone to connect to the visceral and healing power of ritual. As we were guided to bring our awareness to the act of drinking water, eating fruit of the earth, breathing deeply, and feeling the fire of our soul, we came into physical union with the living divine. In that union the stories of the ancients came to life like never before. From the Polynesian Mother Goddess Uli & Pele, The Greek Gaia, and Sumerian/Babylonian pantheon Goddess of the Stars Inanna/Ishtar & her sister in the depths of the Underworld, Goddess Ereshkigal ; The living telling of these myths for all to touch, feel, and remember was a healing transmission. The evoking and awakening the forgotten Mythos of the Goddess, whom we have called by many names and recognize in her many faces, brought through a deeper connection to touching the Mother of light, giver of life and of destruction, chaos, and darkness in both light and shadow. The whole nature of love is birthed before us in our waking experience by gathering to honor the Waking Mythos to remember the One.