What is healing about this work?

The act of bringing awareness to our selves, our lives, and our connection to our every waking moment brings about the opportunity to take a deeper look into who we are and where we have come from. We open to the possibility of consciously co-creating our present and future with this wisdom. In the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell we are able to correlate the many layers of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind and how Myth plays a role in illuminating the cosmology of who we have been and who we are becoming.

In today’s western culture we are desperately seeking to find and come to know more of who we are and why we are here. When we walk uneducated about the past, the power of archetype, and how each of us habitually play them out in our daily lives, we are subject to being much like sleeping puppets acting out patterns of behavior that have played again and again in the great play of our human history. Something empowering happens when we acquire the skill and tools to be able to look directly into the face of the masks we play to society, our families, and to ourselves through presence.

The first step is to explore the idea of becoming consciously aware of our subconscious behaviors. Many of these behaviors become personality traits that then form into particular roles or masks that we wear in society. Do we see the masks we place upon ourselves in daily life and can we see the masks others may wear? When we can consciously claim these masks/roles as our own creations they become inter-changeable. We then begin to cultivate the skill set to consciously choose to play or to drop a mask entirely. We literally have the ability to stop the unconscious playing out of the drama and the patterns of behavior that comes along with it. Once we learn how to claim this subconscious role or mask fully we are then able to creatively shift and eliminate subconscious behavior that seemed, until that point, to have ruled us.

Self Realization practice through the art of cultivating the ability to comprehend and express multiple archetypal energies, is one way in claiming these masks to fully liberate them from subconscious behavior into conscious behavior.

Incorporating Sound Healing

Sound is a vital part of the theatrical elements of this work. Sound carries the performer and the witness into the visceral realm of where the story lives. When sound is created in the space to intentionally align with the archetypal energy and is created specifically to evoke these universal codes of information in the geometry of harmonic tuning, true magick can be felt by all. In addition to that phenomenon, there is also the aid of technology in ensuring that the tuning and the design of the sound is made to what many ancient cultures have affirmed as the frequencies in which open the heart and align the mind. As sound waves molecularly effect the physical water in the body, emotions, this experience can have a very visceral effect on the participants. By intentionally setting the vibrations to be in harmonic tuning and therefore molecularly deeply nourishing to the body we can facilitate a physical and emotional journey experience.

Healers & Awareness Tools

Healing is intrinsic to the nature of this work. When we willingly play out a dormant aspect of our personality, we are asking ourselves to step into a fuller awareness of discovering the vastness of who we are. That discovery and exploration of ourselves is often laden with new perceptions that can be profound and life changing. Incorporating a holistic approach to this work is essential to integrating the metaphorical nature of mythos and archetypal exploration. With practitioners trained in various holistic methods and practices the aim is to provide support in all areas: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Energetic. We aim to bring these powerful holistic therapy techniques into every aspect of the journey. With the help of trained healers and awareness tools we weave these elements inside a mult-layered experience takes theatrical art as we know it to a whole new level.