Find out what your peers are saying after witnessing the live transmission of this work

“This is hands down, across 3 full Burningmans, and 50 other festivals, the BEST and most inspiring EMBODYMENT of the Divine Feminine performances I’ve born witness to, and these 2 nights are harnessing the healing energies with other co-creators for something beyond THAT. With Eve being one of vocal power, expression, and healing transformation, you would be altered if you saw this first hand.”

–Andrew Hanuman Jones

“Evokation productions have absolutely blown my mind and heart open every time I have seen them. Goddess energy shared in the sexiest, most powerful, most beautiful way I have ever experienced. Highly recommended!!!”

–John Halcyon Styn

“I am so grateful for this performance! I was moved to tears. Thank you for channeling such divine energy!”

–J. Quest

“I wish I could capture in words how amazing and overwhelmed I was by your performance. it was by every metric I can think an epic performance.”

–T. McFrazzle

“The sacred feminine has come to balance the energies of this planet, and your Evokation performance has captured that so beautifully.”

–G. Brown

“This piece brought out the sacred feminine awakening in us all.”

–B. Finkelhoo

“Remember the Temple? Remember witnessing (with tears streaming down face) the divine dancers invoking and embodying the Goddess, transforming the room, and bringing through evolution power for the tribe? It’s not just a memory. It’s an event.”

–M. Seaman