Presence As Performance – Workshop

Many of us are drawn to sharing our selves through dance and movement. Can this desire be cultivated into something more than just mere entertainment? This workshop is designed to explore the tangible experience of consciously using awareness as a vehicle to connect deeper to the ancient roots of performance. We will dive into the power of presence inside the medium of performance, learning how to embody this practice, and exactly how this practice can radically transform yourself and others.

Note*: This Lecture Workshop is available upon request for your special event or gathering

Private Sessions & Classes

One on one sessions & classes are available and recommended for those who feel they are advanced performers/speakers/healer who would like guidance in getting more out of their artistry. Especially those who feel something more is desired from their work or practice and want to explore ritual theatre as a means to achieve that. Also one on one sessions can be a good start for beginners who have a calling to this work but are unsure of where to begin or how to integrate embodied presence training into their daily life.